Finding Your Passion Through Self Discovery


Life motto – “It is fine to work for others but make sure you are creating a life for yourself, create something that you can own.”

Everybody wants to be successful, everybody wants to make an impact in life, but a lot of people struggle and live a mediocre life because they don’t know how to be successful or influential. Life is a constant journey of self-discovery, the life you create for yourself is based on the choices you make and your daily thoughts, your thoughts create your reality.

Remember that success does not happen overnight, it is a life journey. And the ultimate success is happiness before anything else.

For most of life, we follow the ordinary path which is the general idea of how life is meant to flow, go to school, go to university, get a job, get married, have kids etc., a lot of people have this fixed mind-set in life with nothing in-between. Doing the usual things in life is perfectly fine, but what a lot of people don’t realise is, they are wasting their potential by not focusing on and growing the ‘self.’

It is crucial in life to focus on the self, because any journey in life starts ultimately with you, you need to learn yourself, love yourself and teach yourself in order to find your purpose and passion. My passion did not come to me straight away, for many years I was unsure and did not have a clue about what I wanted to do with life, I settled for the mediocre, I believed that success was in getting good grades and a good job. While I was in university, I discovered that there was more to life, and uni just wasn’t for me, luckily I finished my studies and graduated, and my experiences in university taught me a hell of a lot which I needed to learn about life and people. However, the biggest impact around this time was my discovery of ‘self,’ I really started to question who I was and what I wanted, I became more aware of what I definitely did not want and the kind of people I did not want around – the same people who would hold me back instead of helping me grow.

My journey of self-discovery didn’t stop there, it carried on and I’m still on that journey, the purpose of what I’m writing is that without self-discovery, without opening your mind you will be stuck in that mediocre life, you will struggle to find your purpose and passion. Sometimes you need to make that leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone, and be alone for a while to put life into perspective and to find your path, but there is no end to the path, it carries on throughout life with so many beautiful amazing things to see along the way and so many crucial life lessons to learn along the way.

The purpose is self-discovery and fulfilment in life, the journey to find our purpose leads us to our passions, the things we strive for, the things we are good at, and both purpose and passion combined make the best combination for a successful life.


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